What is eVisa to Oman?

Things to Know About Getting eVisa to Oman

Since 21st March 2018, the Sultanate of Oman has started issuing an electronic visa or eVisa to the tourists and businesses from the countries that are not exempted from visa to Oman. You can apply visa to Oman online.

How to get an eVisa to Oman?

eVisa to Oman

In order to apply for eVisa to Oman, you will have to fill up an online application form to obtain your eVisa in just a few minutes. To fill up your form you must have your travel documents and a valid email address. You should complete the online application form on the basis of your documents and take its print. Then you should use your credit card or PayPal account to pay the processing fee of your eVisa instantly. You will receive the notification of your application through email. You will have to print that notification to show it to the offices controlling borders.

When your online application is approved by the authorities in Oman, you will receive your eVisa through email. You will have to print it to present at your arrival in Oman. You must have a passport valid for at least six months, from the date of your arrival in Oman, in your possession.

eVisa Oman – Application form

Important information

Some important information regarding applying for eVisa to Oman is provided here under for your consideration.

Validity of Oman

apply for eVisa Oman

This visa remains valid for 6 months from the date of your approval and can be used for one month from the date of issuing.

What’s the entry type

The eVisa to Oman offers single type entry on a tourist visa for 10-30 days whereas multiple type entry on a business visa for up to 30 days every time.

When you have to apply for eVisa Oman?

You should apply for eVisa to Oman up to 30 days before your departure to Oman.

eVisa Oman – Application form

If you have to print it?

Yes, you must print your eVisa to Oman before departures

How long your passport has to be valid?

Your passport should be valid for 6 months minimum at the time of applying for eVisa to Oman.

If you can arrange an eTA on arrival

No clear information is available in this regard.

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If Overstay is possible this country?

Yes, you can overstay in Oman by paying fee at the rate of 10 Omani Ryals per day