Visa To Oman From Saudi Arabia

26 Oct, 2020 |

Visa To Oman From Saudi Arabia

Visa To Oman From Saudi Arabia

The Oman Government newly adopted electronic Oman Visa from Saudi Arabia. It also works for the United Kingdom, European, and the United States citizens.

Visitors to Oman will now complete their online visa application from their home convenience. You will then be contacted to receive the Oman visa.

Previously, the Omani government required tourists to apply for a visa on arrival. This has been possible at Muscat International Airport and most frontier crossings, including the famous Hatta crossing with the United Arab Emirates.

From 21 March, on arrival in the country, international visitors could no longer receive their Oman visas. Before you begin your journey, you will need to apply for an electronic Oman Visa.

Meanwhile, this rule has been scrapped so that in rare circumstances, an Oman visa for visitors may be applied for at the airport emergency desk. However, candidates must be prepared for long processing periods and prepare the cash.

We therefore highly suggest that the Oman visa be used via the internet as it is less time-consuming.

Visa To Oman From Saudi Arabia

Visa To Oman From Saudi Arabia

How To Apply For A Visa To Oman

The visa can be requested upon arrival in the country or online. To do it online, you have to access the website of the Oman visa application.

In 2018, the Oman government changed the physical visa and announced that they wanted to remove the option to do it at the airport. The good thing is that it is cheaper and you make sure that you will not be denied it, although this last possibility is very rare.

CAUTION: If you apply for a visa before going, keep in mind that the visa will be processed in a matter of hours. From that moment until you enter the country, the stay duration should not be more than 30 days, or it will automatically be canceled.

How To Apply The Oman Visa Online

To apply for an online visa from Arab, you have to access the website of the Oman police, although sometimes it does not work very well if your internet is slow. It is a straightforward process, and you have to follow the following steps :

  • First of all, you have to register on the web.
  • Enter personal and passport information.
  • Upload a scanned passport photo and pay the small fee

We will immediately receive a payment confirmation email. In a matter of a few hours, they will send us the approval along with a PDF that you must have printed.

Visa To Oman -Saudi Arabia

How To Do It When You Arrive In Oman

It is as simple as going with our passport and paying with a VISA card. In a minute, we will receive the confirmation and our passport with the corresponding visa.

Usually, the only surcharge they do is 1 OMR, without any other kind of taxes or tricks. Thus, as long as the regulations do not change, you can do it without a problem.

However, they have announced that they may soon deny the possibility of requesting it at the airport. So just in case, better do it online, especially if you’ve been to Israel before.

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